A simple and efficient centralised solution for managing your customs classification

Determining customs components and products’ classification is the fundamental task to ensure compliance of international trade operations. It determines the customs tariff allocation, eligibility for free trade agreements as well as the rules for the application of regulatory constraints on exports and imports. MyTower GTM - Classification Management allows manual, semi-automated, and automated classification of products based on product criteria, characteristics, and current regulations. The solution also validates product classification by taking into account updated reference data. Data can be shared between product teams, customs, and external providers. Each decision to classify is contextualised and retained for audit purposes.

Speed up classification processes

Speed up classification processes

  • Access a regularly updated database of national and international classification schemes.
  • Load all your product and component data directly from your ERP.
  • Classify and validate the code assignment process manually, semi-automatically, or automatically, using a customisable decision tree.
  • Automate the classification of similar products. The solution proposes a classification by analogy in the case of products with the same attributes and characteristics.
  • Be informed and assess the impact of possible changes on the classification of existing products.

Simplify data management

Simplify data management

  • Centralize and share your data with your internal teams and service providers
  • Ensure that classification decisions are traceable and archive your data in the event of an audit.
  • Analyse your data to optimise your classification processes.
  • Integrate Binding Tariff Information (BTI) certified by the authorities

Manage your operations

Manage your operations

  • Access regularly updated regulatory content to ensure your operations are compliant.
  • Benefit from our experts' knowledge to help build the decision charts to facilitate the classification of your products.
  • Put your entire classification process under control.

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MyTower offers Transport Management solutions, which can complement our Customs & Global Trade Management solutions.

Find out about our other Global Trade Management solutions

Would you also like to optimise your Transport processes ?

MyTower offers Transport Management solutions, which can complement our Global Trade Management solutions.

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