Control and reduce your customs duties with a global trade management solution

01 Juil 2022

International export and import regulations are constantly evolving. We are reminded of this every day in the news: from Brexit to the transatlantic trade war with its resurgence of (non) tariff ba...

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Control the VAT reverse charge for your imports with MyTower Global Trade Management

02 Août 2022

Since the 1st of January 2022, the VAT reverse charge for imports is mandatory and automatic.
Background to the new regulation
The VAT reverse charge for imports makes it possible to simultaneously...

Create a global trade transformation program

18 Juil 2022

Customs and trade compliance departments struggle to convince of the need to digitize their process. Organizations are overwhelmed and international regulations are increasingly complex. How to car...

How can a TMS help reduce your carbon footprint?

13 Juil 2022

The climate emergency is now forcing Supply Chain departments to focus on reducing their carbon footprint and to be part of their company's CSR approach. Is there an effective Green Supply Manageme...