MyTower sponsors the Master Customs Administration (MCA) of the University of Münster

MyTower is sponsoring the online master’s program “Customs, Taxation and International Trade Law” starting in October 2022. Its aim is to prepare Customs practitioners in the public and private sec...

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Quality In, Quality Out! Navigating trade compliance challenges through automation

28 Apr 2023

Companies appear to be facing a more complex international trade risk environment but often lack the tools, processes, and resources to manage emerging risks effectively. Despite numerous challenge...

Benefits of using a TMS for logistics and Supply Chain management

13 Apr 2023

In the world of freight transport, the organization of logistics and supply chain management are key elements of success. To optimize these processes, many companies already use a technology, the t...

European Conference on Global Sanctions and Export Controls

11 Apr 2023

The European Conference on Global Sanctions and Export Controls is on May 11th and 12th in Amsterdam. This conference will bring together experts from various industries to discuss the latest devel...