Transport, Customs and Trade Compliance

Who are we?

MyTower is a publisher of TMS (Transport Management System) and GTM (Global Trade Management) platforms and software for shippers.

Our latest generation solutions integrate the latest technologies and have been designed in a modular way to meet the challenges of our customers: end-to-end flow visibility, cost control, productivity improvement, management and measurement of the promise customer, optimization and compliance of international supply chains, centralization and contextualization of all data.

What makes us special? Our team of consultants and experts in transport, customs and trade compliance can provide a high value-added data-oriented service and support you in your diagnostic, study and tender phases.

Thanks to our modular approach, we can offer you configurable and scalable solutions that adapt to your organization today and tomorrow.

Why choose MyTower?


Our modular solutions allow you to choose the features that fit your needs. You can also expand the range of functionality as your business grows. You benefit from customized collaborative processes designed with simplicity in mind.

Complete solution

Our TMS (Transport Management System) platforms and solutions cover the supply chain in both "upstream" and "downstream", and address all modes of transport, domestic and international, and all sectors of activity.

Our GTM (Global Trade Management) platforms and solutions cover a broad spectrum of customs, import and export control and trade compliance processes.

Quick implementation

Our solutions are highly configurable and can be deployed very quickly. In less than 5 days for the simplest configurations, in a few weeks for more complex organizations.


A team of experts capable of implementing the best business practices adapted to your organization.

Transport, Customs and Trade Compliance

Our mission

At MyTower, we are committed to revolutionizing the supply chain with an integrated solution encompassing transport, customs and foreign trade. By using cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, we aspire to simplify the daily lives of supply chain teams, while reducing CO2 emissions and strengthening the economic performance of companies on the international scene.

A word from our co-founders

Our vision

In a world where supply chain regulations are becoming increasingly strict, we envision a future where regulatory and transportation processes are not only automated and merged, but also environmentally friendly. At MyTower, we firmly believe that an economically efficient supply chain can also be environmentally responsible. Our ambition is to guide companies towards this sustainable future.

Jean-Christophe CUVELIER

President | CEO – Co-founder

Mohammed OULD

Co-founder & Managing Director - BU Transport Management


Co-founder & Managing Director - BU Global Trade Management