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Digitalize your procurement with our TMS - Supply Chain Import solution

Import supply chains are characterized by strong interactions with your suppliers who manufacture your orders. Tracking order supplies, from organizing deliveries to organizing transport from suppliers to delivery to your warehouse, requires a high level of collaboration between all stakeholders.

MyTower TMS - Supply Chain Import promotes collaboration between all parties involved, facilitates the management of your orders and shipments while allowing you to optimize your import flows, improve visibility on your orders, control, follow, and optimize your expenses.

Encourage collaboration

Improve collaboration between all stakeholders by sharing single processes in a single platform that allows you to centralize information, data, and documents in a unique location and maintain control of your operations.

Optimize your import flows

  • Manage multiple levels of multi-segments, multi-business, multi-product consolidation within a single transport medium on a single platform.
  • Reduce your lot sizes.
  • Optimize your loads.
  • Reduce your transport costs and your financial capital.

Facilitate the management of your orders and shipments

  • Manage multiple shipments for the same order and calculate the back-planning in advance.
  • Arrange quality inspections and ensure that products match your orders by collecting inspection results.
  • Plan and organize appointments at your reception docks.


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