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Reduce your carbon footprint with our Carbon Tower solution. Manage, measure and optimize your emissions for more sustainable transport.

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Discover the Carbon Tower solution

Reduce your carbon footprint with our Carbon Tower solution

Our Carbon Tower solution integrated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) offers a complete solution for monitoring and optimizing carbon dioxide emissions. With this module, companies can accurately measure their carbon footprint from transportation operations, analyze the environmental performance of their logistics network, and make informed decisions to reduce their environmental impact. By providing detailed reports on CO2 emissions by route, vehicle or commodity type, our CO2 module facilitates regulatory compliance, sustainable route planning and transparent communication of corporate sustainability efforts. With our Carbon Tower solution, companies can optimize their logistics while reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Track your CO2 emissions

  • Monitor and measure the CO2 emissions generated by your transportation operations.
  • Provide your company with accurate carbon footprint visibility.
  • Evaluate and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Calculate and track the carbon footprint of your transportation operations, thanks to interfacing with leading solutions on the market.

Analyze your performance

  • Analyze the ecological performance of your transport network.
  • Qualify your CO2 emissions by provider, route, vehicle or type of goods.
  • Identify major sources of emissions and develop targeted improvement strategies.

Make Informed Decisions

  • Use the data provided by our Carbon Tower solution to make informed decisions about route planning, mode selection and supplier selection.
  • Favor the most sustainable transportation options and minimize your CO2 emissions while optimizing cost efficiency.
  • Make your supply chain greener and more sustainable.

Ensure your regulatory compliance

  • Many environmental regulations and initiatives impose reporting and reduction requirements for CO2 emissions.
  • Carbon Tower facilitates regulatory compliance by providing accurate emissions reporting and helping to implement corrective actions.

Raise awareness among your teams

  • Thanks to our Carbon Footprint Calculation solution, raise awareness among internal and external stakeholders of environmental issues linked to transport
  • Easily communicate on your environmental performance and your sustainability efforts thanks to the various reports generated by the solution.

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