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Efficiently plan and coordinate your logistics operations with our integrated appointment scheduling solution.

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Discover the TMS Dock Tower Solution

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An appointment scheduling solution to optimize the planning and coordination of logistics activities

Our Dock Tower appointment scheduling solution integrated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) provides a complete solution for optimizing the planning and coordination of logistics activities. With Dock Tower, companies can benefit from better resource utilization, avoiding unnecessary waiting times and delays, which improves overall operational efficiency. Communication and coordination between different stakeholders is simplified, providing better visibility into dock and resource availability, reducing conflicts and promoting collaboration. 

By accurately scheduling appointments, downtime and idle time are minimized, reducing costs and maximizing productivity. In addition, better appointment scheduling ensures that delivery times are reliably met, improving customer satisfaction.

Optimize Time and Resources

  • Accurately schedule time slots for loading, unloading, and other logistics activities. 
  • Optimize resource utilization, avoid unnecessary waiting times, and reduce delays. 
  • Improve overall operational efficiency.

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Improved Visibility and Coordination

  • Facilitate communication between different stakeholders, including carriers and recipients.
  • Enable smoother coordination of activities, better visibility of dock and resource availability.
  • Reduce conflicts and enhance collaboration.

Reduction of Downtime Costs

  • Minimize periods of inactivity and downtime by enabling accurate appointment scheduling.
  • Reduce costs associated with inefficient resource utilization and optimize overall productivity.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through better appointment scheduling and more reliable adherence to delivery deadlines.
  • Proactively manage waiting times and reduce issues related to dock availability.

Traceability and History

  • Track and maintain a record of past appointments, delays, and waiting times.
  • Benefit from comprehensive traceability of all activities, enabling later analysis for continuous process improvement.

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