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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) / Managed Services context

Organizational models that utilize operational models such as CSP (Shared Service Center) or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) have become a strategic choice in the transformation of business functions.

Outsourcing activities have long been seen as a way to reduce operational management costs.

Today, in a world that demands increasing expertise, outsourcing has become a means to access increasingly specialized know-how, as well as state-of-the-art technologies and information systems.

Our teams operate within the framework of delegated management of our clients’ processes and functions, with the following objectives:

  • To avoid IT investments.
  • To variableize the operational costs of administrative process handling.
  • To reduce delays and improve service levels.
  • To reduce the complexity of clients’ organizations and help prepare for business growth.
  • To develop internal skills through co-design and/or co-processing of processes.

Our specialized teams can be called upon by our clients to delegate process handling across a wide range of operational processes in transportation, customs, and international trade. 

Our portfolio of Managed Services covers a wide range of business processes

Export Control

  • ECCN Classification​
  • Identifying License Types​
  • License management​
  • Operational flow management (Greenlight)​
  • Management of the screening of partners and ultimate beneficiaries (UBO)​
  • Management of transactional screening and economic sanctions
  • Management of the validation of the conformity of new logistics flows
  • Administration and training of key users


  • Management of customs classifications
  • Management of origins (preferential, non-preferential)​
  • Management of customs brokers
  • Management of export tax risk (clearance of ECS)​
  • Management of special plans
  • Management of Trade Master Data​
  • Dashboard, KPIs and customs duties reporting​
  • Administration and training of key users
  • Support and preparation for customs audits

Execution of deliveries and transport

  • Transport planning and optimization​
  • Issuance of transport orders
  • Reservation of means of transport
  • Follow-up of the execution of deliveries and transport
  • Management of complaints and disputes
  • Activity reporting

Sourcing and transport purchase

  • Construction of transport plans
  • Management of transport tariffs and calls for tenders
  • Listing of new carriers
  • Invoicing control and variance management​
  • Transport contract management
  • Transport performance monitoring

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