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Control and save with our Invoice Tower module integrated into our TMS. Accuracy, efficiency and transparency for your finances.

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Control your expenses and optimize your costs.

Our Invoice Tower solution integrated with our Transportation Management System (TMS) provides a comprehensive solution to ensure the accuracy and reliability of invoices related to transportation operations. By automating the invoice verification process, our module helps prevent billing errors, overpayments and unnecessary expenses, resulting in substantial financial savings. By providing increased visibility into transportation costs, it facilitates informed decision making in cost management and carrier negotiations. With our integrated Invoice Tower billing control solution, companies can optimize their transportation-related finances while benefiting from seamless, accurate and efficient invoice management.

Precision and reliability

  • Verify and validate invoices from carriers, logistics service providers and other suppliers.
  • Ensure that the amounts invoiced correspond to the services actually provided.
  • Reduce billing errors and overpayments.

Achieve financial savings

  • Achieve significant financial savings by identifying billing errors, duplicates, or incorrect charges with our Invoice Tower solution.
  • Optimize your transportation costs and avoid unnecessary expenses by making only precise and verified payments.

Automate your control processes

  • Automate your invoice verification processes and save time and improve operational efficiency.
  • Centralize and consolidate all billing-related information, simplifying payment management and the various validation steps.

Visibility and Transparency

  • Provide increased visibility on transportation costs, billing discrepancies, and spending trends by offering detailed reports.
  • Enable better decision-making in cost management and negotiation with your suppliers.

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