Origin Calculation

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Origin Calculation

Free trade agreements (FTAs) have become a key part of international trade, with almost 500 FTAs in force today. These agreements provide significant benefits to participating countries, such as reduced or zero tariffs for their products. However, to benefit from these benefits, companies must prove the preferential origin of their goods, a complex task requiring precise documentation. Customs authorities carry out regular checks, encouraging companies to put in place compliant and secure origin management processes. This is crucial to avoid fines and maximize the benefits offered by free trade agreements.

MyTower GTM - Origin management , your solution to simplify the management of the origin of your products. With our tool, you can calculate and validate the origin of your products while strengthening collaboration with your suppliers and customers. With automation, you can speed up and secure your originating processes while ensuring compliance. Our solution also includes a simulation tool to quickly identify the essential data necessary to calculate the preferential or non-preferential origin of your products, allowing you to optimize your procedures accordingly.

Save time, automate the calculation

  • Automate preferential origin calculation, receive and archive detailed reports.
  • Control the DLT document chains between your suppliers and your customers. Be alerted in case of missing documents or delays, optimize your document management upstream and downstream.
  • Be alerted in case of missing data having a negative impact on the calculation of the result of the preferential origin. The system allows you to quickly and precisely identify the impacts and the corrective actions to be implemented.

Encourage collaboration with your customers and suppliers

  • Centralize data on a single collaborative platform.
  • Obtain all the necessary documents to justify the preferential origin from your suppliers (DLT).
  • Create long-term statements for your customers.

Improve your operational compliance

  • Archive vendor statements for auditing purposes.
  • The specific rules of the various agreements are integrated into the solution as soon as it is implemented.
  • The solution systematically applies the rules of tolerance and accumulation as defined in the agreements.
  • Perform periodic checks on your calculations, taking into account variations in your parameters (price, origin, etc.).

Optimize your preferential and non-preferential origin calculations

  • Perform simulations to anticipate regulatory changes or the impact of your procurement projects.
  • Determine the non-preferential origin in order to access markets that are still restricted and guarantee the conformity of your "Made in" label.
  • Control the impact of industrial or specific processes on the origin calculation rules.

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