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The challenges for Transport and Supply Chain departments are changing radically: omnichannel, multi-sourcing, increased customer demands, complex regulations, etc. Shippers must show better responsiveness, agility, and innovation while optimizing their transport costs.

MyTower TMS Road & Overseas offers all the collaboration, task automation, monitoring, and event anticipation features of a collaborative transport platform, enriched with optimization modules that enable you to make new productivity gains and optimize your transport costs.

Automate your operations

Manage by exception, reduce all your actions on the platform to minimum thanks to a powerful action automation module.

Instantly value every single one of your shipments based on your transport plans and negotiated price lists. Select the best option based on evidence-based criteria.

Automatically centralize all your returns in a single interface to compare them easily and to help you select the best spot quotation.

Automatically Book with your service providers, delete all emails, and automatically send them the entire document package.

Automatically provision your transport costs and gain insight into your invoice differences.

Reduce your transport costs

  • Reducing transport costs is not only achieved by purchasing, but also by a reduction in the number of transports to be organized, optimized occupancy rates and the number of kilometers travelled.
  • Group your orders and shipments into a single transport order with the help of a powerful grouping engine to reduce the number of shipments and increase the fill rate of your means of transport.
  • Reduce the amount of space in your means of transport thanks to a 3D visualization and simulation tool for your loads.
  • Optimize the number of kilometers based on your order book and delivery constraints thanks to a route optimization engine.

Track your CO2 emissions

Calculate and monitor your transport carbon footprint, thanks to an interface with recognized solutions on the market to make your supply chain greener and more sustainable.

Improve collaboration

  • Make your whole organization, your transport providers, your customers and partners collaborate on the same platform, share the same processes with them.
  • Centralize, contextualize and archive all your exchanges, to facilitate the recovery of files, the management of back-up teams and simplify the switch to telework.
  • Centralize all your documents, share them easily with your partners and customers.
  • Improve visibility of your operations with a powerful rights and access configuration tool.
  • Achieve immediate and significant productivity gains for your teams and relieve them of all non-value-added tasks.
  • Make it easier for your customers to progress in the processing of their disputes by allowing them to view all the elements of their file, including their amount of compensation.

Anticipate events on each of your shipments

  • Track all your shipments with tracking solutions and manage your activities by exception.
  • Gain responsiveness with highly configurable alert systems that allow you to monitor the progress of all your shipments on a single dashboard and automatically identify discrepancies between the initial contract and the reality of your operations.

Increase your customer satisfaction rate

  • Improve your customers' visibility of their orders. Customers can track the progress status of their order from order taking to final delivery.
  • Upload and share documents associated with a shipment and share them with your customer so that they can anticipate receipt or customs clearance operations if necessary.
  • Make it easier for your customers to process their complaints by allowing them to report incidents directly in the platform so that they can follow the resolution and the associated action plan.

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