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Management of customs declarations

Digitize the management of your customs declarations.


They trust us

Discover our customs declaration management solution

Discover our module dedicated to customs activity management.

It simplifies your exchange of information with your customs brokers before and after the customs declaration, ensures the monitoring and control of customs operations, checks compliance, evaluates the performance of your brokers and monitors your overall activity. All your customs data is centralized in one place, making it easier to manage and control your customs operations.

Automate exchanges with your brokers

  • Easily exchange data with your brokers thanks to our collaborative platform regardless of the data format (.xls, .csv, EDI, or other)
  • Reduce the processing cost per declaration by automating the transmission of information.
  • Centralize your data in one place and benefit from a consolidated and reliable view of your customs activities.

Analyze and optimize your customs procedures

  • Assign customs procedures based on origin, provenance, and billing entity.
  • Optimize your customs procedures according to your financial and logistical flows.
  • Assign customs procedures based on origin, provenance and billing entity.
  • Manage stock accounting for special diets in full compliance.
  • Generate self-declaration through EIDR.

Optimize the operational management of your license

Model the declarative data necessary to prepare instructions for your brokers

Automate consistency checks on your customs declarations. In case of discrepancies, ask your brokers for corrections or explanations.

Compare brokers' data with customs data.

Identify brokers reporting on your behalf and monitor them.

Build relevant indicators with verified data and measure the performance of your brokers.

Check the compliance of your operations

Create a personalized digital safe for each of your outgoing and incoming transactions. In the event of an audit, have direct and contextualized access to all data, documentation and exchanges of information with your brokers.

Manage your tax risk with export documentation.

Meet AEO requirements by controlling your brokers and customs declarations.


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In today's rapidly evolving global trade landscape, businesses are under increasing pressure to enhance their customs and trade compliance processes. The rising complexities of international regulations, the need for streamlined supply chain operations, and the push for greater efficiency have made it imperative for companies to embrace digital transformation. Global Trade Management (GTM) software has emerged as a key enabler in achieving these objectives. However, securing the necessary funding for your GTM digital transformation can be a challenging task. 

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Les réglementations internationales en matière d'exportation et d'importation évoluent constamment. L'actualité nous le rappelle tous les jours : du Brexit à la guerre commerciale transatlantique avec sa résurgence des barrières (non) tarifaires, en passant par les réformes anti-corruption de l'OCDE dans les transactions commerciales internationales et l'assaut des sanctions économiques internationales contre la Russie suite à son invasion de Ukraine.

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Since the 1st of January 2022, the VAT reverse charge for imports is mandatory and automatic. The VAT reverse charge for imports makes it possible to simultaneously collect and deduct import VAT on your VAT return (monthly or quarterly CA3), without any advance payment.