October 11 2023
Webinar My Tower

ROUND TABLE - Management and monitoring of international transport

MyTower Webinars

📢MyTower had the pleasure of taking part in the web round table on the theme "Management and monitoring of international transport".

🔗 Organized by Supply Chain Village - Le Média and moderated by Jean DAMIENS, this round table takes place in an international context marked by significant turbulence. The Covid crisis, shortages, price volatility, geopolitical upheavals, and many other challenges have tested the reliability and quality of the transport service.

🌐 Faced with a constantly evolving landscape, this round table focused on:

  • Innovative technologies such as #TMS and #GTM to monitor and analyze data related to transport and customs
  • Effective monitoring and management of indicators to provide shippers with factual data on their deliveries.
  • Real-time visibility of goods flows.
  • Strategies to improve communication, alert management, and responding to unforeseen events.

🎙 Speakers in the spotlight:

  • Jean Christophe Cuvelier from MyTower
  • Fabien Petitjean of Descartes Systems Group
  • Olivier Schulman from CargoON

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