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Export Control

Manage all your processes subject to export control regulations and license.


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Ensure the compliance of your operations & reduce the risks for your business.

In a fast-changing world where international trade is becoming more complex, export control is a difficult task for exporting companies. Indeed, companies must ensure compliance with numerous regulations (control of exports, licenses, screening parties, management of dual-use goods, phytosanitary constraints, etc.) in order to guarantee the compliance of operations and the management of risks whether operational, financial, reputational, or other.

The MyTower Export Control solution centralizes the management of all your processes subject to export control regulations and license management. In case of missing or incorrect documents, the solution alerts you, thus reducing the risk of delays during a customs check. In this way, you bring your operations into compliance and optimize their management.

Optimize your licenses' operational management

  • Save time with automated process management.
  • Put under control & optimize operational management for all your license types: global, general, re-export to the US, dual-use, catch-all.
  • Easily set up all your regulatory constraints: dual-use goods, hazardous materials, phytosanitary, pharmaceutical, or others.

Ensure active monitoring of your transactions

  • The solution alerts you in case of missing or incorrect documents. This reduces the risk of delays at customs.
  • Automatic identification of sanctioned parties or entities (screening parties).
  • Systematize the controls of your operations.
  • Limit the operational, financial, and reputational risks to your company.

Ensure process compliance

  • Manage all the constraints linked to product regulations, but also linked to your partners.
  • Archive and contextualize all your documents, which can be easily retrieved in the event of an audit.
  • Making your processes compliant enables you to meet the requirements of OEA status.

GTM Export Control

The solution to make your Export processes & Import Compliance both effective and compliant.


For monitoring, optimizing and improving compliance of customs and trade operations

The modular organization of our solutions will allow you to easily switch from the GTM Export Control solution to another solution, with more advanced optimization modules that will allow you significant productivity gains.

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