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Countries under embargo

Protect your business from the risks and complexity associated with embargoes. Countries may have different policies and complex regulations regarding embargoes, whether global trade embargoes, arms embargoes, dual-use embargoes, sectoral embargoes or sanctions. targeted. Failure to comply with these complex restrictions can result in severe penalties and damage to your reputation.

The MyTower Embargoes solution is industry-leading software - designed to automate embargo monitoring and ensure your trade transactions are in full compliance with international trade regulations. Our advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis capabilities enable rapid and accurate identification of restricted parties and embargoed countries, providing you with the tools needed to effectively mitigate compliance risks. MyTower's intuitive, user-friendly interface simplifies the filtering process, alerts and blocks risky transactions subject to embargoes - saving you valuable time and resources while ensuring compliance.

Don't let embargoes hinder your growth and success. Invest in MyTower embargo screening software today and embark on a journey towards transparent compliance, improved risk management and a stronger, more resilient business.

Discover the power of MyTower Embargo and open up a world of compliance possibilities.

Risky transactions

  • By embracing MyTower Denied Party Screening solution, companies can demonstrate their reasonable care, minimize compliance risks, and protect their reputation and financial stability.
  • Simplify your denied party screening efforts and experience the benefits of a user-friendly - comprehensive screening solution with MyTower Denied Party Screening Software.

Export controls license management

MyTower Export Controls License Management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and optimize your organization's export control compliance processes. With the increasing complexity of international trade regulations, ensuring export control compliance is essential to avoid legal repercussions and reputational damage. MyTower allows your business to navigate this complex landscape with ease and confidence.

MyTower offers a set of robust features specifically designed to efficiently manage export control licenses throughout their lifecycle. From initial application to renewal and reporting, the software simplifies and automates the entire process. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and Excel spreadsheets, and embrace a centralized platform that improves accuracy, efficiency and data integrity.


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